About Floorlock

The patent pending Adjustable FLOORLOCK Brace (AFB) by Burmon Building Products is specifically designed to fix bouncy, sagging and squeaky floors.

Burmon Building Products has earnt a reputation in the US Construction Industry for providing high performance solutions for the disaster resistant and luxury home market segment.

Over the past 12 months, Burmon team leaders Stephen and Samuel travelled the US meeting with builders and contractors discussing the problems they face when trying to fix a sagging and or bouncy floors.

Burmon’s approach is always to listen to our customers and provide them with the necessary solutions. Burmons research and development team spent considerable time to investigate the concerns, problems and what was available to the home owners as a solution. The Burmon team concluded that there weren’t any affordable solutions for homeowners to fix underperforming floors.

Burmon expanded their research and development which included meeting with lumber yards, engineered wood manufacturers, builders and affected homeowners. Burmon’s team evaluated that weak floor systems are very common in the US with the performance of these floors is well below the end user’s expectation. It was an easy decision for Burmon do something about rectifying this problem.

The Adjustable FLOORLOCK Brace (AFB) is designed with anti-squeak & bounce-proof technology to eliminate deflection in the weak areas of the floor. It cradles the joists together and evenly shares the load, performing just like installing a steel beam in the floor.

In the designing process, we evaluated joist spacing, floor construction materials, I-joists, or Dimensional lumber. We wanted to accommodate this, and by making the brace system fully adjustable, we have achieved that goal.

Burmons’ team has designed (AFB) as user-friendly as possible. An essential aspect of this product was to create it so AFB could be installed easily for a DIY project for the homeowners. Therefore, we have provided:

  • A template for spacing

  • Ratchet spanner for tightening the adjustable section

  • All fasteners required to install the braces

  • An installation guide

  • “How to install” videos

  • Project estimator

  • Free Shipping in the United States

  • Technical support

Burmons’ Adjustable Floorlock Brace is a cost-effective and successful way of returning structural integrity to your floor, removing bounce and squeaks.